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UK exhibition trailers

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  Dimensions & Details
*    GRP hull with timber deck & trimmings
*    Length:  500cm
*    Beam:   130cm
*    Draught:   40cm
*    Freeboard: 25cm
*    Seating capacity: four adults
*    Top speed:  10kph
*    Range: approx 35km @
5kph (2.69 knots)
*    Boat weight: 305kg (inc. batteries)
*    Trailer weight: 155kg

*    Briggs & Stratton Etek (Lynch) motor
*    Motor input power at full speed 2kw
*    Toothed belt drive to stainless prop shaft
*    Three blade 9" dia bronze propeller

Power Source
*    Main: two 12 volt 75 amp-hour deep-cycle lead-acid gel batteries
*    Reserve: two 12 volt 38 amp-hour deep-cycle lead-acid gel batteries
*    Independent battery isolating switches & socket for charger
*    An LED digital meter displays motor current consumption
     battery voltage & Amp/hour capacity etc.

Battery Charger
*    C-Tek 24V 15A electronic switch-mode charger

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Control panel & steering wheel

Rudder & 10" dia x 8" pitch bronze propeller